“To know thyself is the

beginning of wisdom”

- Socrates -

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In the following, some exemplary

work is summarised

Feb 2021 

Creative Destruction: A Basic Computational Model of Cortical Layer Formation

Here we employed agent-based modelling to create a

computational model of cortical layer formation. 

Jan 2020 

An in silico hybrid continuum-/agent-based procedure to modelling cancer development: Interrogating the interplay amongst glioma invasion, vascularity and necrosis

In this study we used an advanced computational modelling method to simulate cancer growth at realistic spatial and temporal scales. Here a press release on this work.

Sep 2016 

Agent-based computational modelling of neural development.

At the INCF Conference in 2016, I presented about my past work on computational modelling of neural tissue development, comprising a number of publications and projects. This presentation can be seen here.

Feb 2020 

A generative growth model for thalamocortical axonal branching in primary visual cortex

Here we employed agent-based modelling to better reproduce a certain type of axonal structures. A press release on this work can be found here.

Jan 2019 

An integrated transcriptional analysis of the developing human retina

We analysed the human retina during development, also employing advanced computational analysis methods. 

Sep 2015 

An optimization approach for agent-based computational models of biological development

I was the base code developer of the Intel Modern Code Developer Challenge. This competition attracted over 17,000 students from 19 countries, and led to the surprising results explained in this publication. A press release is available here.

Relevant videos (including from collaborators and students)

The BioDynaMo Software Platform

I am co-founder and Spokesperson of the BioDynaMo Collaboration, an international Computational Biology Collaboration comprising 8 Institutions in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Cyprus, Netherlands and Israel. A brief overview and description on BioDynaMo can be found here.