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BioDynaMo: End of year reflection

Dear all,

As we are approaching the end of 2021, I wanted to take the opportunity to briefly reflect on this year of BioDynaMo related activities and the future.

This year, despite the many challenges, we had several significant successes. In particular I would like to mention/highlight:

  1. The paper presenting BioDynaMo to the world was published in the prestigious Bioinformatics journal, see here. Subsequently, we were also featured in Nature Computational Science, see here. Since BioDynaMo is a research tool, academic publications are vital for the entire collaboration

  2. BioDynaMo versions v1.0, v1.01 and v1.02 were released. These are great evidence for an active and professional software development process.

  3. We organised the BioDynaMo workshop on agent-based modelling, which had world-leading research talks and over 70 international registrations. See here for more information Events and activities like this will support our ongoing outreach.

  4. Many additional functionalities and example code were included on the BioDynaMo website. These are crucial to get new users and collaborators on board.

Of course, despite such very welcome success stories, the long-term success of BioDynaMo is yet far from guaranteed. Hence, I am sure you share my perspective that we all need to work hard to ensure a strong support and active engagement, so that a productive user- and developer community keeps maintaining, extending and using BioDynaMo. Ultimately, this will be for the benefit of all agent-based modelling relevant fields.

Finally, I want to thank you thank and congratulate all who contributed to the recent successes of BioDynaMo. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas period and a healthy, happy and successful 2022!

All the best,


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