New publication on AI and computational oncology

We recently published a study in a Special Issue in the Symmetry journal. Check it out here.

New publication on cryopreservation

We recently published a comprehensive review in BMC Biology. You can access it here.

New publication on brain development

We recently published a study in the prestigious Cerebral Cortex journal, where we computationally model layer formation in cortex. Read more here.

Society for Cryobiology meeting in Chicago

In July (20st to 23th) our lab attended and presented at the Cryo2021 meeting in Chicago, and present our recent work on neural tissue cryopreservation and computational optimisation of cryopreservation.

BIOSTASIS 2021 in Zürich

I will speak at the Biostasis 2021 meeting, talking about recent work of ours on computational models in cryopreservation and neural tissue cryopreservation. My previous talk (2020) can be viewed here.

BioDynaMo Collaboration meeting in Geneva

We recently (2/2/2021) held the BioDynaMo Collaboration meeting, including the consortium, partners, stakeholders and potential future collaborators. The next meeting will likely take place on September 13th this year. Feel free to contact me if you are interested to learn more about the collaboration.