I am a scientist working in Computational Biology. After studying my basis year in Physics at ETH Zürich (Switzerland), I continued in Computational Science and Engineering ("Rechnergestützte Wissenschaften") also at ETH Zürich. I then followed up with a PhD in Neuroinformatics, where I studied how neural networks grow and self-organise.


I then made the life decision to go abroad and worked as a Postdoc and Research Fellow at Newcastle University (UK). 

Currently I am a lecturer and lead an interdisciplinary research team at the University of Surrey in the UK. I also work occasionally as a consultant, providing expertise in Data Analytics, AI and Artificial Neural Networks.



2016 - 2020

Newcastle University

Independent Research Fellow (funded by MRC, BBSRC and EPSRC) and Team Leader


Computational Neuroscience

Modelling and analysis of neural tissue during development and degeneration

Machine Learning and AI

Using neurally inspired algorithms to predict and diagnose


Usage of mathematical and computational tools to optimise cryopreservation protocols

Cancer Research

Using computational analysis and modelling to study the origins and growth of cancer

2013 - 2016

Newcastle University

Postdoc in Computational Neuroscience

2009 - 2013

ETH Zürich

PhD in Computational Neuroscience

2004 - 2008

ETH Zürich

BSc and MSc in Computational Science and Engineering, with basis year in Physics

Since 2020

University of Surrey

Research Fellow (funded by EPSRC/BBSRC) and Lecturer